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We offer enclosed and open air photo booth packages... it just depends on YOUR style and preference!

About Lookout PB

Lookout Photobooth came to existance over many years of working side by side with Booth 66, another manufacturing and service company in the Colorado area and beyond. Shannon and Brian Huey jumped on the opportunity to provide a niche opportunity to Colorado front range wedding couples looking for a quality photo booth experience at a reasonable price. Knowing the quality and reputation of the BULB Photo Booth (by Booth66) it was a no brainer to jump right in and start providing quality service with a quality product to clients Shannon and Brian have been assisting for many years in the Colorado wedding industry.

Amazing Pictures

Keep in mind while shopping for photo booths that they are like snowflakes, no two are the same. We use high quality DSLR cameras with professional flash lighting in our booths. No web cams here!

Stellar Props

Most of us have locked away our inner child and great props will help to set them free. We source out high quality items that help the young and old alike to let loose and strike a pose.

A Great Guide

Having an attendant is crucial for amazing photos. Although there are always exceptions, most of your guests and family are stiff, awkward and slow (no offense, ours are too)! Simply put, the photo booth guide is there to make it simple and make it fun!

Unlimited Fun

Speaking of fun, the faster the booth, the more photos you can take and the more smiles you will see. Our booths accommodate up to 80 sessions an hour and the process is reset and ready for the next group prior to the prints dropping in the tray, no long lines here!

Our Process

We believe that the process of planning a wedding in all of its elements can be daunting. Lets not make the photo booth rental a part of the confusion. We have developed a streamlined process from first contact to the conclusion of your event to ensure a great experience for all involved!

Info Gathering

This stage is the educational portion of our job.  We have a vast knowledge base about photo booths and how they fit into an event and encourage questions from our clients make sure they understand what is important when considering their photo booth options.

The Best Fit For You

We offer enclosed (traditional style) and open air (shooting against a backdrop) packages and we can help to narrow down the best fit for you and your event.  From there, are there any package inclusions that will make the photo booth exactly what you were hoping for?  After we discuss the options, we settle on the right package.

Contract and Retainer

Once we know the package that best fits your needs, we can lock down your photo booth rental with a contract and $250 retainer payment by check.  We email over the contract and you lock it down by signing and returning the retainer payment to us.  It’s that easy!

Lets Get to the Good Stuff

We will send you an email containing a link to an online form that you will use to make all of the detailed decisions about the print design layout, including which template you prefer and any particular fonts that fit your theme best.  This is also an opportunity to confirm timeline, day of contact info and other basic details about your event, just to be sure we are all on the same page.  Once we receive the submission, our designers will put together your sample print for review and any needed revisions to be made before your big day.

On the Big Day

Based on our pre-set schedule, your booth attendant will arrive to begin and complete set-up of the package you have picked.  Guests dive in and enjoy themselves feverishly throughout your event.  Lots of tomfoolery will be happening here… at the end, we wish you and your guests a good evening and remove the photo booth like we were never even there, cleaning up our footprints as we leave.

Delivery of Your Digital Photos

We will send you a download link that you can click on for immediate delivery of all digital photos to your computer.  This is the fun part for you!  You may not have been able to see all of the excitement on your wedding day, but now you can!  Let the viewing and hysterical laughing begin!

Our Leaders

Spearheaded by a husband and wife team that began their interest in photo booths with one at their own wedding reception in 2009, Brian and Shannon eat, sleep and breath creativity.

The Features of the BULB

Event tested and bride approved!

Full Structure

Many portable photo booths in the industry are made of up mainly curtains surrounding a camera and printer. The BULB is a solid structure that is assembled on site to bring an eye-catching appeal to your event.

Standing Room Only

The BULB takes advantage of standing guests and their expressions that come from it. We have found that booths with seats cause guests to lose much of the expression that makes for a priceless photo experience. Just think, it is hard to hug, dance, jump, and perform many other exhilarating maneuvers while seated!

Dramatic Live Slideshow

Plenty of entertainment with the BULB. Not only for the guests in the booth but those standing around waiting their turn. The live slideshow invites others to think through their moves before entering the booth.

Fast and Qulaity Printing

Speed would not be good enough by itself... the BULB has a professional Dye-Sub printer inside that produces lab quality and laminated prints in about 10 seconds! Fast process and printing means more fun to go around at your event!

Oh, the things we see!

What will your wedding bring to light?

Grandmas Sporting a Mustache

Couples Hugging

Fishy Lips

Happy Guests

Our Packages

Below are our standard packages with listed inclusions. Exact pricing varies on several factors, so please inquire for exact package pricing for your rental.


The ``Blue`` (Enclosed Booth)

  • Delivery / Set-up in the Front Range
  • Unlimited Photo Booth Sessions
  • starting at 3 Hours of Operation
  • Props Package
  • Double Prints
  • B&W or Color Photos
  • On-site Booth Assistant
  • Choice of Print Design
  • Download Link w/ All Images


the ``Double Diamond`` (Open-Air)

  • Delivery / Set-up in the Front Range
  • Choice of Stock Backdrop
  • Unlimited Photo Booth Sessions
  • starting at 3 Hours of Operation
  • Props Package
  • Double Prints
  • B&W or Color Photos
  • On-site Booth Assistant
  • Choice of Print Design
  • Download Link w/ All Images

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